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Questions: Do you ship worldwide?

Answer: We ship almost worldwide. Nonetheless, there is a small list of countries that we cannot accept deliveries to. This is mostly down to international embargoes or problems getting goods through customs. You will be notified if we’re unable to ship to a specific location.

Question: How do I order?

Answer: When making a purchase in our online store, you will notice how easy it is to add products to the shopping cart,  review every aspect of your order, and enter your payment information in our secured checkout.

Question: Can I trust this website?

Answer: We are committed to ensuring 100% purchase protection for your shopping done on our website, secured by Norton and McAfee. You can benefit from a safe and secure online ordering experience. We use PayPal and Stripe as transaction methods so that they can always secure and retrieve your payment in case anything goes wrong with your order. You can see some customer feedback at the bottom of this page.

Question: How can I pay?

Answer: All international credit/debit cards accepted. Payments for Inspiring Wave are made & Secured by PayPal, but you do not need to own a PayPal account to pay. You may enter your credit card's data directly at PayPal and complete your payment. You don’t need to register a PayPal account either. For a step-by-step explanation for the PayPal payment system Click here.

Question: Are my payments secure?

Answer: Yes, it's 100% Secured. We do not share any information we collect through orders or contact inquiries. The information is solely used to complete your order or respond to your inquiry.

Question: Why are the prices of certain products higher than on other website?

Answer: Various products in our store were imported from exclusive manufacturers and supply providers and thus, warrant higher costs. In return, these products boast much higher quality and the better details than most stores can offer. Check out our review page HERE. Our clients' satisfaction can verify our statement of quality.

Question: Are the FREE products really free?

Answer: Yes, it is absolutely 100% real. We offer FREE promotions for a variety of reasons. We may be looking to sell out of a product to make room for new products. All we ask on our FREE promotions is that you help pay the shipping costs. To get the shipping amount, please fill in your address on the checkout page.

Question: How long does shipping take?

Answer: Standard Shipping is 1-2 weeks (7-14 business days), depending on your location. Some items may arrive sooner than others, however, most fall within the 1-2 week delivery window. (Brazil and Italy might take a little longer)

Please do not worry if your tracking number has been slow in getting updates as this largely depends on the carriers. If your tracking number has not been updated for over 30 days, kindly contact our team to request a refund for your purchase.

If the tracking information shows that your shipment has not been picked up by the carrier within 30 days, kindly let us know and we will issue a full refund immediately. You can always be sure that your will either receive your purchase or your payment back.

Further information on shipping can be found here

COVID-19 Update: Please head over to our COVID-19 FAQs page here

Questions: How do I receive multiple item orders?

Answer: In order to expedite the delivery of your order, we may ship items at different times from different shipping centers. Our goal is to get you your order as fast as possible. Each item may have separate delivery dates. You will receive an email notification when each parcel is shipped.

Question: Where do you ship the items from?

Answer: We have many customers worldwide, and we want to deliver the item as soon as we can. We ship our products from various of our suppliers from different channels worldwide, to easily deliver the item to you.

Question: I've put a wrong shipping address and/or picked a wrong size/variant! Can I change it?

Answer: If this happens to you, email us as soon as possible, we MIGHT be able to take care of it. However, we can't promise anything as all our items are usually processed immediately after you order and ship out the same day or a few days after. If your order has already entered the shipping process, we won't be able to stop it. Contact us anyway, we still care and we'll try to make it right for you. We know how frustrating it can be to pay for something you can't use.

Question: Products showing as sold-out. What should I do?

Answer: If the item you are looking for is still on our site but has run out of stock, please contact us at . We will verify its status and make sure you have the product details to hand.

Question: Why do we display products that are out of stock online?

Answer: We deliberately leave out-of-stock items visible on our store so you can still have access to the product details or so that you can purchase them again at a later date once we have restocked our inventory.
When shopping, you can choose to filter the product search result by availability only. In some instances, we may offer to notify you via emails once the products you are looking for are back in stock again.

Question: I didn’t receive an email to confirm my order! Was it successful?

Answer: Firstly, kindly check the spam or advertisement folders of your email account. Chances are our email were automatically sorted by your email filter. If you can not find the Purchase Confirmation email in there or suspect that you may have made a typo in your email address when placing the order, please contact our Customer Service team at to update your email address again.

Questions: How do I track my order?

Answer: When your order ships, you will receive a separate email providing you with a tracking number to track your order. Sometimes this email gets sorted into spam or promotions folders so be sure to take a look there if it feels like you have been waiting a little too long.

You can also go to our order tracking page here to track your order easily.

*Please note that due to a large volume of data and continual updates, there may be minor delays in our tracking system compared to the real-time updates from the carrier.

In these instances, please contact us at and leave your order number, or the email address used to place your purchase. We will get back to you with an update as soon as we can.

Question: How can I cancel my order?

Answer: understands that you may sometimes change your mind. If the order has not been sent, we can help you cancel your order. On the contrary, if the order has been shipped, we cannot cancel it. (In case there is no tracking number but the goods are being processed at the shipping center are also counted as sent). Since we strive to ship your items as soon as possible, this timeframe is generally very short, so please contact our Customer Service team as soon as possible

Questions: How to return - exchange or refund?

Answer: Please head over to our returns & exchanges page here so we can walk you through it

Question: What if I don't receive my item? Do you guarantee delivery?

Answer: We 100% guarantee delivery of every item! If you do not receive your order within the delivery window, simply contact us and we will get you taken care of!